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Clan No Hunters

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Download spoofer


To download maphack/spoofer click maphack for maphack and download spoofer for downloading spoofer and if these dont work veiw the links and just dl str8 from the site!!

Download MIRC

How to Download MIRC-
Ok Click the Link above then on that page find the state you live in or just choose one. Then Download it then open it and a screen will pop up hit Continue on the bottom. Then another screen will pop up Just put ur name or a fake name and put a nickname DO NOT put it as NoHunters or u will be banned imediatly. Ok now at the bottom of plain white window type /server 6667 then a window will pop up and at the top it says Channel type #Clan-No.Hunters into that Line and hit Join. And there you go u should see ExZ and NoHunters in there. ALL members are required to DL this.

Want stealthbot? click the link below.. uhh srry this link is outta order but plz fill out the form and i can send u it..


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Mess with the best die like the rest!!!