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Clan No Hunters

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Tips and Cheats

Need some help? You've come to the right place.

Tips and Cheats for Footies.

If your playin a cheap tomes footies id advise gettin tomes ASAP for your hero and going right up and killing the oponents bases. If your playin one with expensive tomes id go and upgrade ur untis and get the +1 unit per cycle(baby boom) because the heros wont get upgraded that fast and that way you can go out there and stomp your opponents units and get soo much gold that ur hero will be godly once you spend the money on tomes.

Tips and Cheats for Mauls...

Tips for Mauls if you are Red/Blue/Teal/orange/yellow/purple i would advise mazing by going starting at one end and building towers across then leaving a spot for a tower at the other end then moving down allowing 1 space for a monther to walk tho and going to the other end again and keep doing that. For Pink/Green i would Hook and its hard 2 explain so if u dont kno ask me and ill show you..

Tips and Cheats Hero Wars....

Just upgrade ur hero all da way...

Mess with the best die like the rest!!!