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Clan No Hunters

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Clan Gamez

The best, in my humble opinion...

On this page, I'll discuss my favorite games that i host.

Personally my favorite maps are Footies/mauls/herowarz
But some games that i do play are Snipers/paintballs many more tho ive hosted every game in the past 3 days taht you could imagine..

Join our Clan:

If your lookin for an all around just mess around/fun clan come join us go 2 channel Clan nH to check us out we have bots up in there 24/7 mosr of the time.

Tips and Cheats

If you are playing Footies Brasil Fianl type give 12 gold -999 and it will give you 999 gold ( i will give a new cheat every week.)

Game Creators

Here ill list some people for u to look for hosting cause these our some members No.Hunters/LaxChamp07/Dts-rickjames/

Mess with the best die like the rest!!!