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Clan No Hunters

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Clan Reveiw

Here's my opinion on how the clan is going...

Each time i edit this site my opinion might change so check this site ofton.

Right now our site is running smoothly we havent had any fights or any complaints.

If any fights or anything breaks out there will be severe penalties.. For the First offense its a warning, For the 2nd offense its you get moved down a rank for a week. Third and final offense is either being banned from the channel or removiation from the clan(depending on the problem).
So plz dont get in fights with clan members..

Clan description and comments:

This is a basic Custom game clan we play almost any CGs just tell someone to host it and most likely someone will.
Right now we have about 120 active members and 0 fights have been broken out.

Ratings (scale of 1-10):

Fun: 7
Upset members: 1
Leaders: 9
Shaman: 8

List of Updates..

So far i have updated this site 7 times...

Mess with the best die like the rest!!!