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Ok, First off im looking for CD-Keys to put bots on if you have any x-tra and would like 2 help ur clan just tell me the key and ill put bot on it and if u ever want me off just tell me 2 ill get off of it. ALSO we need some goood accnts w/o Clans for the bots.. so if u got NE xtra accnts with pretty good records and stuff just tell me my accnt is No.Hunters or sometimes im on HaHaITaggedU so just wisper me on WC3 and tell me the key or the accnt and pass. Ok thx guys for all ur help
OK guys we have to do this aWmAn has hooked us up with a MIRC channel so go 2 downloads and hit Download MIRC and then read the directions underneath it after you DL it. ALL clan members must be on MIRC when they are online.
The Reqs are now set at lvl 15+ so GL clan members...
Yo, i made this site for Clan nH (No Hunters) and right now we have about 120 active clan members if you would like to join just give me a holla my sn for AIM is SmallBuc04 and my Sn for Yahoo is PimpinBig_000 or contact me on warcraft III my accnt is No.Hunters.

This is a Custom game clan but we are upping our melee section so the reqs for battlenet players are lvl 10 with 45% and if you got any questions/comments/concerns just email me or w/e. Coming soon: CLAN NH FORUMS!


Mess with the best die like the rest!!!